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Reasons Why Home Remedies Are So Beneficial

The usage of home remedies to treat any type of disease is not supernatural. Vegetables and fruits and even spices and herbs have been widely recommended to cure various illnesses.

Multiple Advantages of Manuka Honey

The manuka honey might appear an ordinary food item but is well-known for its properties. This honey has not just a great taste but also several health advantages. It is a well-known natural ingredient that has led many towards healthy lifestyle.

Bring Down Your Child’s Fever Naturally

Fevers in children can be a scary thing for a parent. Learn how you can bring down your child’s fever without the side effects associated with over the counter drugs.

Natural Cure For Urinary Tract Infections In Children

I started learning about the benefits of D-Mannose one day while researching for a way to naturally cure a urinary tract infection in my 9 month old daughter Olivia. Previously that day, I had taken her in to the pediatrician for high fevers, we’re talking over 104, that we just couldn’t seem to get rid of. We didn’t know why she was getting such high fevers and worse, why the fevers kept coming back.

The Healing Influence of Your Intentions

Recent findings in molecular biology show that your own intentions directly affect your health by their powerful influence on your metabolism. So how can you use this knowledge to your advantage? The first step is to recognize your desire for change. Your mind and body will recognize whether or not you are ready and willing to make changes.

Are Spinal Adjustments Painful?

The main reason why people go to the doctor is to find some sort of relief. They go with hopes of good news from test results to relieve their worries. They go to hear their pregnancy is going well and their unborn is stable and healthy.

3 Natural Treatments for Food Addiction

This article discusses the biochemistry of the brain involved in addiction to foods and drugs and suggests 3 different strategies from alternative medicine that might help cut down on food cravings. Common foods like wheat, milk, or sucrose can activate the same types of pathways in the body and brain involved in addiction to stimulant drugs or morphine. Wild ginseng, n-acetyl-cysteine, and acupuncture may help block the sensitizing effects of addiction-stimulating substances and so might help people with food addictions.

Is Shilajit A Natural Remedy?

Recently there has been increasing interest and demand in an ancient, natural health supplement from India called Shilajit. So what is shilajit and what does it do? Shilajit is an organic substance that is found rarely oozing from the rocks primarily in very high altitude regions of the Himalaya mountain range. It is comprised of a concentrated complex of minerals, trace elements, humic and fulvic acids and numerous traces of organic vitamins and amino acids.

Does Living Healthy Cost Too Much?

What on earth are these seemly silly hippies bothering for? If you look only skin deep yeah all you will see is unaffordable cost. But if you look a little deeper you will see these people are human economists.

Who Are You – Really

If someone asks you, “Who are you?” your answer will probably include your name, your job, something about your partner, something about your family, etc. But does this collection of facts truly illustrate who you really are?

Proprioception – Making Your Body Smarter

We usually don’t think of our bodies in terms of their being “smart.” For example, we walk to the corner store without giving a single thought to the complex mechanics involved in getting there and back.

Meditation and Me

For many of us, the practice of meditation seems like a totally foreign notion. In an era of full-time, morning-to-night distractions and distractibility, the concept of quietly sitting with nothing else to do seems impossibly ridiculous.

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