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Radiation Protection – Naturally!

What is radiation? By definition, it’s simply the emission of energy from any source! Different kinds of radiation causes different effects on the human body. Some can alter the DNA and cause cancer and radiation sickness… even death.

How to Get a Doctors Consent for Complementary Therapy and Alternative Medicine

During my work as a lecturer in adult Further and Higher education and also in my private practitioner work in a variety of settings, I have come to realise just how difficult it can be to obtain written consent from a G.P for a therapist to provide a treatment. Students often struggle to be taken seriously by the medical profession, which seems to remain a difficulty for many practising complementary therapist’s years down the line.

Ayurveda Healing Promotes Complete Mind-Body Health and Wellness

Ayurveda is an ancient holistic healing system that diagnoses and treats the causes of ailments based on the whole Mind Body Spirit of an individual. Each individual is unique and complex to figure out what treatment method will work best for an individual’s overall health and wellness. This is where Ayurveda healing system is unique and simplifies understanding the individual by creating a Physio-Psychological model

Tap Water – Is It Really That Dangerous?

Discover what makes tap water so dangerous to your health. Also learn whether or not tap water is safe to use for cooking, cleaning, and showering. Learn about alkaline water, how it is made, and what it can do to you body, including why you should never use a…

Finding an Alternative Health Program That Brings Lasting Health

There must be a better way! There must be an alternative method that treats causes rather than symptoms. Truth is, there are many methods of health care that use non-conventional approaches to health care. They range from totally ridiculous to well thought-out scientific systems leading to ultimate health. The following are some that are based on well thought-out rational approaches that treat causes rather than symptoms. These are based on prevention as well as treatment.

8 Short Tips to Better Personal Well-Being

This article explores 8 secret tips to boost and improve your personal well-being. Try them for they are really effective and simple to understand.

Natural Fixes For Colds and Flu

Unless you are living in a bubble or are living the life of the unabomber, you are exposed to sickness or someone who is sick most everyday. It isn’t practical or desirable to isolate yourself from most human (source of most sickness) contact in an effort to never be exposed. What is practical and doable is to strengthen your immune system so that you are immune to most of the disease-causing critters.

Fevers Are Usually Good For You

It is amazing to me that in this day and age with all the science and research we have at our disposal, that so many health and medical myths that have no basis in medical or scientific fact, but continue to persist. Myths such as bacteria, fats, sugars, cholesterol, sun exposure, to name a few, are all bad for you. The reality is that the very opposite is true.

Natural Remedies for High Cholesterol

With two-thirds of the US population overweight and the numbers growing, problems that are often associated with weight issues, such as high cholesterol, are also rising. With two-thirds of the US population overweight and the numbers growing, problems that are often associated with weight issues, such as high cholesterol, are also rising.

The Wonders of a Holistic Detoxification

If you are feeling sluggish, out of sync, experiencing digestive problems along with aches and pains, then maybe it’s time to have a healthy detox. Below are ways of a holistic detox for beginners.

What We Call Disease Is Actually a Healing Program

Current medical theory claims Chlamydia pneumoniae (C. pneumoniae) is a pathogen that causes acute respiratory disease and also multiple sclerosis (MS). The spectrum of C. pneumoniae infection has also been extended to atherosclerosis (hardening or arteries) and its clinical manifestations. This theory, however, contains some major flaws that may actually reveal why disease equates to healing.

Hypnosis and Stroke Survivors

Until someone close to you or even yourself has suffered from a stroke…would you really put much thought into what effects it has on the survivors and their lifestyle? Strokes can effect so many aspects…

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