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Homemade Treatment for Vitiligo That Really Works

Almost all types of disease can be treated using natural herbal remedies. Most herbs have medicinal benefits and can provide effective relief from symptoms of different diseases.

Overcoming Self Hatred and Healing Rejection Through the Word of God

Overcoming self-hatred and healing rejection is possible through the truths available in the word of God. The Bible brings light and life which results in healing of emotional problems caused by the root of rejection and self-hatred. Learn more about how to break free from dangerous emotions.

Can You Really Heal Yourself?

If someone tells you that you can really heal yourself from all your problems and diseases, would you believe them? The answer would probably be no.

Simple Basic Ayurveda Tips for Good Health

Very simple health tips offered by age old Ayurveda wisdom. Ayurveda tips presented are simple health promotion suggestions to stay young and healthy. Health tips are very simple and basic and one can easily incorporate these tips into their diet and lifestyle.

Effective Secrets to a Liver Cleanse

The liver is an organ that can define how well a person FEELS. The analysis and a possible liver cleanse, plays a primary role in treatment of patients by Naturopathic doctors. The liver is the largest and busiest of the bodies’ organs, more so that even the brain and literally hundreds of activities are performed every minute, daily.

Banyan Tree: Most Ancient Indian Herbal Medicine

Banyan or Bar is the prominent herb widely known across India. The latex of the tree is very toxic in nature and has been used as medicinal herbs for several ailments since ages. The bark of the tree is really useful in curing secretion or bleeding problems. The fruit of the particular tree acts as great soother for the skin and helps in alleviating several painful and swelling problems of the body.

Facts About Canker Sores and Modes of Treatment

Canker sores are a dental condition where shallow and small ulcers emerge on the mouth and one has difficulties when talking or eating. These can either be simple where they only show up at least 3 or 4 times annually for around seven days or complex that show up many times. The exact cause has not yet been discovered but it is normally associated with tissue injury or stress.

Migraines Can Disappear With Alternative Medicine

Migraine headaches have an increasing role in modern America. The stress increases and people have less free time. Migraine headaches can resolve themselves, but most do not. Many migraines occur in generation after generation of a family. These migraines may be rooted in genetic defects which surface in hormone or neurotransmitter issues that may require long term treatment. Diagnostic testing is needed to identify the main issue. Migraines can result from allergic reactions. There are some people with 30 or more food allergies and additional environmental allergies. It may help you to keep a diary to identify the allergen triggers connected to your migraines.

Asafoetida: Perennial Curative Herb

Asafoetida is referred to as the tall perennial herb with resin gum and sturdy carrot-shaped roots. It has yellow colour and pungent smell. It widely used as flavoring agent in numerous spice mixtures. In India it is known by the name as Hing and is widely used in various cooking recipes.

Want to Cure Anaemia Naturally? Try the Home Remedies

Do you often complain about in activeness, dizziness or weakness after a daily chore? Well then you may possibly be an anemic or suffering from anaemia. Anaemia is referred to be the most common health ailment of all diseases. It mainly occurs due to the decrease in the quantity of the red blood cells in the body.

Water And The Role It Plays In Your Life

Most of our planet is covered by water. Seventy five percent of our body is also made of water. This should give us a hint about the importance of water to our livelihood and health. Without water, there could be no life on earth.

Will Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMI) Cure Brain Problems and Increase IQ in The Future?

Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) is a noninvasive method for applying electromagnetic fields to the brain. It is the application through a medical device of a low 0.9 Hertz frequency stimulation by an electromagnetic field to the brain. It requires more than one session. One of the side effects is a tendency to underestimate time. Another side effect may be a slight headache. It is contra-indicated in epilepsy and multiple sclerosis.

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