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Guidelines For Increasing Sun Exposure

If you wish to benefit from the sun but cannot afford much time to be outdoors, there are several ways to increase your exposure to sunlight. Windows should consist of glass that permits UV light to enter. Have as many such windows as possible. Keep your curtains pushed back so that you have maximum exposure. Depending on weather and the season, keep your windows open. Install as many full spectrum lights as possible, the best alternative to natural sunlight.

Mysterious Illness Epidemic

A mysterious ailment is running wild throughout the globe subsuming all in its path, and yet it’s nearly unknown. This ailment is multiplying so quickly that it threatens to destroy the entire human race. Yet, there’s no mention of it anywhere. In fact, only a fragment of the global population is aware of this menace.

What Are Holistic Healing and Health?

Holistic healing and health are terms often used, but what do they really mean? Could symptoms be a part of holistic health and healing, pointing the way to health?

Do YOU Know Where Your Body Is? Body/Mind Connection Is Where We Live

Welcome to your body. Our body is our ally, our guide, a built-in divining rod to the internal wisdom of what is needed to be healthy, happy, whole. There is a feedback loop from our body that let’s us know what we need, whether through hunger, physical or emotional pain, or how our thoughts effect our body. Learn stress management techniques to connect the mind and body and relieve stress.

Keeping The Liver And Gallbladder Free of Gallstones Helps Normalize Digestion And Elimination

Ample bile flow maintains good digestion and absorption of food, and has a strong cleansing action throughout the intestinal tract. Every part of the body depends on the basic nutrients made available through the digestive system, as well as the efficient removal of waste products from the digestive system. Gallstones in the liver and gallbladder considerably disrupt both of these vital processes. Therefore, they can be held accountable for most, if not all, of the different kinds of ailments that can afflict the body. Removal of gallstones helps to normalize the digestive and eliminative functions, improve cell metabolism and maintain balance throughout the body.

Natural Sounds Form The Basis Of All Life In The Universe

Natural sounds are extremely important for maintaining balance on all levels of existence i.e. mind, body, behavior and environment. Unless deaf, we cannot even remotely imagine what this world would be like without sounds. An environment without the gushing sounds of a waterfall, the singing of birds, the humming sounds of bees, the rustling of leaves, the swishing of grass, the murmur of a river, or the chirping of crickets is unattractive, to say the least.

Cranial Manipulation

Many patients do not realize the importance of cranial function for their health. There are twenty six bones in the cranial (head) and they all move.

Holistic Diagnosis

Today, literally thousands of people are becoming diabetic; experiencing heart disease, and cancer. Structural problems are on the rise such as spinal arthritis, spinal pain, arthritis, knee replacements, hip replacements, and general poor health.

Holistic Health Care With Children

Natural health care is one of the best ways to keep your children healthy and heal current problems. There are fundamental problems that cause illness in children that are not recognized or tested by medical doctors.

Functional Disease

Today, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer are on the rise. Americans experience a wide range of distressing symptoms daily such as fatigue, depression, headaches, hair loss, back pain, stomach pain, digestive symptoms, anxiety, focus problems, weight gain, etc.

Triad of Health

To achieve optimal health it is imperative to understand the concept of the triad of health. This idea looks at health as composed of three key factors: structure, chemistry and psychology.

Aloe Vera Uses: How to Use Herbal Remedies to Heal

The aloe vera plant is one of nature’s miracle plants. Its extract is commonly used as a major ingredient in commercial beauty products, but sometimes it is not as effective as the 100% natural extract. The best choice for aloe vera is to choose the organic variety, which is free of pesticides and residues you want to avoid.

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