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Reflexology for Mothers

Busy Moms Feel Relaxed with Reflexology Massage A working mother is constantly on the go. They have too much do, from going to the office, to managing the kitchen, house and children’s studies. A working woman suffers from various ailments like stress, tension, anxiety, back and neck problems, sciatica, digestive difficulties, respiratory tract disorders and sinusitis, migraines and headaches, hormonal problems like pre-menstrual syndromes and menopause, pregnancy and circulatory problems.

Is Meditation a Part of Stress Management Techniques?

Everyone has at least a little stress in their life and could use a little relaxation. Meditation is an option used by many. There are methods that are used to achieve relaxation.

Stop Excessive Sweating Tips

Perspiration or sweating is the mammalian production and excretion of dissolved solids and water through the skin’s glands. Sweating is primarily a natural occurrence which, in humans, is required in order for thermo regulation to happen.

The Healing Benefits of Solomon’s Seal Tea

When prepared as a tea, Solomon’s Seal root has unique healing benefits when compared to its use as a tincture or salve. This article details the tea’s health benefits and the best methods of preparation.

Important Facts About Biofeedback Therapy

Being sick is generally undesirable. Being able to self diagnose and treat is helpful. Biofeedback therapy can be done with or without machines but is very useful in be able to take care of oneself.

Sound Therapy – Become A Practitioner

Sound therapy with tuning forks is a simple but powerful healing modality. Sound has a long history of use in the healing arts going back thousands of years. Modern science is now catching up to show the scientific basis for why sound works on the physical body.

Healing Trends From the Holy Land

So what is Alternative Holistic Medicine? The truth is that I don’t, nor do I ever expect to, have a full answer. Over the course of my journey thus far, I have discovered certain practices and habits which bring deep healing both to myself and to my clients.

Sound Healing With OHM Tuning Forks

The sound of OHM has been a part of spiritual and healing practices for thousands of years. Although use of this sound is based in spirituality, modern science now confirms its healing properties. Applying sound vibration through the use of healing tuning forks to the physical and subtle energy bodies opens up the energy pathways by removing blocked energy and allowing the body to return to its natural state of optimum health.

Sound Healing With Tuning Forks – Why It Works

Sound healing with tuning forks is a powerful but simple modality that is growing in popularity. Sound works on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies as a tool for both wellness and transformation. If we hear sound through our ears, how can this affect the physical body, especially if the tuning forks are not touching us?

Self Hypnosis: A Quick and Easy Route to Relaxation

Self hypnosis is an effective way of helping you relax, and one of the things you will learn in a hypnotherapy session is how to use self hypnosis. Used a couple of times each day it can help you boost your immune system, gain a better clarity of thought and feel more refreshed and vital.

Homeopathic Treatment For Cancer May Offer You the Best Hope

The homeopathic treatment for cancer perhaps offers you the best prognosis for permanently resolution. However, it may be a good idea to add a few other ‘strings to your bow’, to ensure the best results.

Supporting Your Homeopathic Treatment For Psoriasis

The homeopathic treatment for psoriasis can be complicated and slow. But it offers depth and permanent resolution. However, there are also many things you can do to support this treatment.

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