Educational Series (11 of 31): CBD Compliance – What Can I Say?

Secrets Of The Repatterning Proxy Group Process Revealed

Everything is made up of energy that manifests into physical form to create your life. And everything in creation, including you, has its own optimal frequency pattern. When there is disharmony in your life that means there is disharmony in your energy field. A simple process called Resonance Repatterning that works on scientific principles can clear these patterns.

Identifying the Source of Glucosamine Chondroitin

The days of blindly believing in the family doctor. Everyone now wants to get confirmation of any assertions that relate to a treatment program. The use of glucosamine chondroitin is followed by questions about its origin.

Making Sense of the Rumors That Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM Is Dangerous

There are conspiracy theories everywhere when it comes to glucosamine chondroitin MSM. Some people are utterly convinced that this is a dangerous form of medication. Others are less skeptical about the whole thing.

Settling the Myths Concerning Glucosamine

You may be wondering whether glucosamine chondroitin really works. The truth is that research is still ongoing but the initial results are very positive. In particular this sort of intervention tends to deal with osteoarthritis very well.

Simple Chakra Balancing Techniques

The term ‘chakra’ is a Sanskrit term that means ‘wheel’ or ‘turning’ in English. It is a concept about wheel-like vortices in the human body. Traditional Indian medicine believes that chakra exists right in the surface of man’s etheric double. Chakras are believed to exist as ‘force centers’ of the body. There are seven main chakras or energy centers in the body.

Ayurveda Medicinal Properties of Panasa or Jackfruit

The jackfruit tree belongs to family moraceae. It is largely found in tropical regions like south Asia, east Africa, Uganda, Brazil and Mauritius. Jackfruit is national fruit of Bangladesh and has local name Kathal.

Natural Remedies for a Baby’s Cough

Natural remedies for a baby cough are not only safe, they are effective. A baby’s cough can indicate the start of a respiratory problem, so it needs to be taken seriously if it persists or recurs.

Crystal Healing and Apathy

Every day things that can bring about Apathy: Desensitizing by the media, always showing war torn areas, poverty, sickness, disease, crime, climate change warnings. We begin to feel that this is normal and become apathetic about other people’s plight.

Homeopathic Remedy for Colic

The bane of many young mothers, colic in a newborn baby is stressful on everyone and commonly lasts four to six months. Essentially consists of loud crying for three hours in the evenings every day of the week. It is believed that it is caused by a baby’s immature digestive system that doesn’t digest food quickly enough or well enough which causes pain. Baby Anna was one such baby that a homeopathic remedy was able to help stop her suffering with colic before she was 3 weeks old. Baby Anna also was dealing with high bilirubin, which causes jaundice and this went down at the same time her colic came to an end.

If You Have Bacterial Vaginosis Then Read This

No doubt you have been hearing the words probiotics cropping up here and there over the last year or so. Now there are indications that women suffering from BV may find some relief from something that is natural, which is probiotics.

Using a Campout to Teach Kids About Plants

Camping is a lot of fun, but it can also be educational. With a little research, you can teach your kids about the plants around them, what they can do and which to avoid.

Traditional Chinese Medicine – Alternative Medicine or Ancient Wisdom?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (also called TCM) is the term given to a wide variety of treatments from various locations across Asia. While considered an alternative therapy in Western countries, it’s a long-standing and widely accepted medical practice in many Asian countries. But what exactly is TCM?

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