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Alternative Medicine Resources – Different Alternative Medical Courses That Are Available

Alternative medicine is usually defined as being any medical or healing practice that is conducted by someone who doesn’t have an MD or DO (Doctor of Osteopathy degree) This will include a large range of practices that might include herbal remedies, chiropractic medicine and acupuncture. If the traditional and alternative are combined then it becomes what is called complementary medicine. The doctors that practice both are usually in what is called naturopathy.

How to Stop Sweating At the Underarms So Much

Sweating problems is something which is common for a lot of people. But then you will find that lots of people out there are extremely embarrassed by under arm sweating it.

Limitations of Pulse Oximeter

Purchasing a pulse oximeter can be done in a snap. However, there are limitations and usages to safeguard accurate measurements. Through understanding its limitations and usages, one can fully decipher its accuracy and reliability.

The Accuracy and Reliability of a Pulse Oximeter

The accuracy and reliability of a pulse oximeter matters. The main purpose of a pulse oximeter is to measure your oxygen saturation (SpO2) and pulse rate. So it is important to find one that produces accurate results within its operating range consistently and reliably. Generally, pulse oximeter uses similar mechanisms for reading data but differ in how they are manufactured.

What the Heck Is Earthing?

As a doctor, I rarely go Earthing. Or fishing or running. I just don’t get out often enough to have that kind of fun. I do get close to meditating, especially after a rough day in the hood. And, I’m usually dancing between patients in one practice, or laughing with others in another, who just need extra time to explain their situation.

Fibonacci Tuning Forks for Clearing Emotional Trauma

The Fibonacci Tuning Forks are based on the sequence of numbers revealed by Leonardo Fibonacci in the 12th century. These numbers are also referred to as the golden ratio. They are used to release emotional trauma and help to bring clarity and awareness.

Alternative Medicine And Children – The Holistic Pediatrician!

The holistic pediatrician is a doctor that will treat children and their diseases as well as the scrapes and bumps of every day childhood. They don’t just use the more traditional invasive methods of treatment but will instead use more non-invasive methods that are more natural and more gentle towards the child. They will perform the usual services to help prevent and treat childhood diseases but will also endeavor to keep a child’s health maintained through their diet, with herbal medication and massage as well as other drug free techniques.

Enzymes For Pain

Inflammation in the body can result in swelling, pain and redness in addition to mobility difficulties. The conventional treatments in North America involve either Non-Steroid Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs), Over The Counter Drugs (OTCs) or pharmaceutical drugs. In Europe, however, enzymes have taken over as the treatment of choice with doctors and alternative practitioners for effectiveness without side effects.

The Universal Constituents: Guna

All experience is based on this duality between the conscious subject and the active evolutes of nature. Consciousness needs something to be conscious of and matter needs to be experienced. Prakrti is held together in a balanced state of tension by three universal constituents (guna).

3 Home Remedies For Removing Yeast Infection

Women of childbearing age are more prone to yeast infection. 80% of the cases of this infection are caused by Candida albicans, a kind of bacteria that is normally found in the vagina.

Get Rid of Yeast Infection Safely and Naturally

Candidiasis or commonly known as yeast infection is caused by a fungus called candida albicans. This type of fungi is normally found in our body especially in the skin, but they are in small quantities. But when the yeast begins to multiply then that’s when an infection would develop.

Incidental “Popping” And Why You Should Not “Pop” Your Own Bones

When you move your head from side to side and hear your neck “crack”, it doesn’t hurt but it is loud. Should you be worried by this?

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