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Rudraksha – The Ayurvedic Miracle Healer

What exactly is Rudraksha? It is a bead, the seeds of the Rudraksha tree, found in plenty in India, Nepal and Indonesia. It is botanically known as the ‘Elaeocarpus Ganitrus Roxb’, but before it was botanically named and researches started to find out its properties, Ayurveda had considered Rudraksha…

Field Horsetail – Discover The Healing Properties Of The Herb (Part 1)

The article describes the healing qualities of field horsetail and outlines guidelines on how to dry the herb for medical use. In addition, it deals with simple guidelines on how to use field horsetail for the treatment of spontaneous urination, enuresis in children, benign prostate enlargement, inflamed urinary bladder, inflammation of urethra and other health problems. Field horsetail is a perennial with a stem growing to a height of 10-50 centimeters.

Sherpa Strength – An Ayurvedic Muscle Builder for Strength and Agility?

Can the Ayurvedic Formula known as Sherpa Strength contribute to muscle building, strength and agility? This article will attempt to shed light on this Ayurvedic product and its, stated, benefits. With 5,000 years of…

Field Horsetail – Discover The Healing Properties Of The Herb (Part 2)

The article deals with the healing qualities of field horsetail. It describes simple guidelines on how to use the herb when dealing with bleeding piles, uterine hemorrhage, rheumatism, bone fracture, dislocation, slowly healing wound, inflammation of mucosa in oral cavity, bleeding gums, gallstones, nephritis, liver diseases, bleeding nose, painful urination, heavy menstrual bleeding and other health disorders. The herb has diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Diet and Food That Improve Memory

A great part of our health relies on what we eat; this is good enough reason why we should try to learn about the best diet and food that improve memory. Remember that balanced lifestyle and healthy habits could take you a long way towards better thinking and memory. Observe diet and eat food that improve memory.

Relieve Your Yeast Infection by Using These Home Remedies

The genital area is the place most yeast infection sufferers are often affected however it also affects lots of other body parts including the mouth, in between your toes and in any skin folds.Yeast Infection produces extremely red rashes which may be tremendously tender, itchy, humiliating and very unpleasant. It is an over growing of Candida albicans microbes that creates yeast infection.

How Can a Pediatric Endocrinologist Help Your Child?

Although many children will never see a pediatric endocrinologist in their lifetime, many children are referred to them to diagnose and treat certain medical conditions. Endocrinology is a medical specialty field that focuses on diseases of the glands.

Cosmic Joy – The Ayurvedic Way for Mood Enhancement and Its Benefits

According to a report of the World Health Organization, for every individual, especially in today’s world, mental health and wellness is essential to help them realize their own abilities and deal with life’s challenges and stress effectively. If you maintain a balanced and healthy mental state, then you will obviously lead a life which is positively inspired and is almost stress-free.

The Truth About Being Fit: Why The Buff Gym Fans Are Less Healthy Than They Think They Are

Being healthy and fit are not the same things first of all. You can be fit but you might not be that well. Being fit has a lot to do with a person’s tolerance of pain and their ability to endure certain strength training. Whereas, a well person has high immune system and has a healthy, and balanced lifestyle therefore well people don’t easily get sick and once they do, they recover much faster.

Treating Hearing Loss, Tinnitus, and Vertigo With Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine firmly associates most types of hearing loss with the kidneys and energy imbalances. The energy of the body may be low or high. Both of the can impact hearing for different reasons. Energy blockages in the body can result from very low activity or extremely high activity like a marathon run. Low activity levels are very common for people that are ill or people that are elderly. Improving the physical activity levels of these people with walking, yoga, Tai Chi. Qi Gong, marshall arts, ballet, and gardening can improve or balance their energy.

Is It Time to Get Your Very Own Agony Plant?

Do you get frustrated when taking good care of your plants and they still continue to wilt? Are you looking for ways to improve their growth besides giving them sufficient water and sunlight? Well perhaps it’s time to offload some of your worries or just have a friendly chat with your cherished house plants.

How She Healed Her Shattered Bones In 12 Days With Her Mind

How one woman used her mind to heal her bones, explains that anyone can do it and it is very simple to do. The mind is incredibly powerful but most people don’t know how to use this power until they’re taught. This is not anything you’ll learn in your basic school education but something everyone should learn. Everyone creates the life they live. Those who have the worst of life has their thinking ‘out of order’ and those who have the best of life have good, right and positive thinking. We are all hypnotizing ourselves everyday through the process of our own thinking and thoughts. Anyone can change their life, health, wealth, etc. by simply changing their thinking. She tells how she brings in source energy, God’s energy to heal, using good, positive thoughts of white light healing her arm in her own self hypnosis. This has worked on all her clients that have used it to heal, including cancer.

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