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Healing Ulcers and Colitis Naturally

Ulceration is one of the processes down the path of chronic disease and the causes should be addressed and removed before further permanent damage occurs. Learn why ulcers develop and easy steps to help your body heal itself while providing immediate relief.

Gerson Therapy, The Best Alternate Solution for Life-Threatening Diseases

The story of the Gerson Therapy began back in 1938 when Max Gerson emigrated from Germany to the United States of America to begin his study and practice of medicine in New York. In Germany, he used to suffer from severe and crippling migraines; he tried many of the medicines available at that time, but none worked, which led him to suspect that the root of his problem lay in his diet. He tried out many vegetarian diets, and following a medical regime, it finally cured his problem once and for all.

Improving Quality of Life With “Earthing”, a Ground Upward Approach to Health

The history of earthing began in the 1993, when television cable company owner, Clint Ober had a life-changing experience when recovering from a major health problem. He put together the theory that the human body needs to be grounded or “earthed” just like cables that deliver television images to millions of homes worldwide. The excellent images are the result of cable shielding which prevents loss of signal strength, giving viewers a fantastic television picture.

The Alternative Cellular Energy (ACE) Pathway – Its Role in Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM)

This article highlights the role of the alternative cellular energy (ACE) pathway as a basic healing mechanism for a range of medical disorders. The need for clinical trials, especially comparing the benefits of consuming KELEA activated versus regular water, is emphasized. The article calls for possible volunteers in such studies.

Healthy, Effective Communication and Our Body

We mirror inside us the lack of communication and connection we have in the outside world. Like the old adage: “As above so Below”. We are a huge community of trillions of cells, far far more than the population on planet Earth. In the same way some people have prejudices and resentments toward other countries, an organ can distrust another organ, and may avoid talking to it, not realizing that they both are parts of a body, where communication is required for survival.

How Do Distance Healing and Distance Sessions Work?

Short Answer: Quantum Entanglement, we are all connected. Longer Answer: Quantum Entanglement, we are all connected! Basically scientific studies (look up Quantum Entanglement on Wikipedia if you are interested in knowing more) have demonstrated that once two particles have been entangled, anything done to the first particle is immediately observable in the second particle, regardless of space and faster than the speed of light, which in physics is supposed to be impossible. This suggests a quantum field, called Zero Point Field where everything is immersed in, including of course us and that allows instant communication of information. Since every particle that exists in the universe was connected at moment of the Big Bang, every particle of the universe is connected. Let that sink in…

Reverse PCOS With Powerful Homeopathy Treatment

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) often known as hyperandrogenic anovulation is a dreadful endocrine disorder caused due to a hormonal disorder in women. People with PCOS have minor fluid-filled cysts in any of the ovaries. The cysts baffle with the regular functioning of the ovaries, resulting in obnoxious and frail signs in women.

Steps for the Medical Surrogacy Process

There are ample medical realities that a surrogate mother should know. Even if you are just thinking of applying to become a surrogate mother, the complete medical process of gestational surrogacy should be understandable to you as becoming a surrogate mother is a life changing experience where you are generously fulfilling the dream of a childless couple.

Consider Growing These Healing Herbs

Many people who are interested in living a healthy lifestyle spend an awful lot of money on herbs but you can grow them yourself and enjoy an entire garden of healing herbs. Many of the varieties of spices, teas, and other plants that you see in your kitchen are actually very easy to grow.

The Show Stopper

A recent scientific study showed putting healthy Africans on an American diet, had dramatic results for the worse in just two weeks. Here is my personal experience.

Uses Of Different Natural Herbs

One of the most important merits of using herbs is that they simply pass through the body without causing any harm. Treatment using Natural Herbs has no side effects.

Holistic Approach to ADD and ADHD

ADD can be frustrating to the individual and others that are in their life. ADD can interfere with basic daily functions and is something that many learn to deal with for the entire lives. Learn the holistic approach and definition of ADD and simple things that can be eliminated to improve cell health and function.

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