How Does Cannabis Become Legalized in a State?

14 Effective Herbal Remedies for Insomnia That You Can Try

Insomnia can be treated easily with natural remedies. Know the effective natural herbal remedies for insomnia.

So What Really Causes Stress?

If you live in our modern society, you may not know what causes stress but you will certainly be aware of the existence of stress in your life. Stress and anxiety can be a killer for modern people, so it is important that we not only try to find a stress remedy but that we also discover what causes stress in our lives.

Natural Remedies

Many of the physical problems people often seek medical help for can be relieved with easy remedies. Often times these natural remedies can be found in our kitchen cabinets or gardens.

5 Must Haves for Creating Herbal Remedies

Using herbal remedies is a fun and effective way to improve your health. Here are a few tips to make getting started a bit easier.

TCM Pattern Differentiation In GERD

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) is an incredibly common complaint in clinical practice. I generally encourage patients of mine to consider the Chinese medicine approach to the management of this disorder to avoid the side effects of proton pump inhibitors.

Nobody Knows What Is Wrong With Me!

Maybe it was something you ate or drank. Perhaps it’s from stress at work or in your family or from partying too hearty lately. Whatever it is, you just feel terrible.

Fitness and Wellness: A State of Mind

Fitness and wellness: a curious combination of words that at first glance seem to be synonymous. In the health and fitness world I see these terms being used individually quite a bit, but seeing them together as a phrase immediately brought questions to my mind. Are the two words the same or different; do they relate to each other and if so how; is there some meaningful conclusion we can draw from their being combined in the phrase fitness and wellness?

What’s the Most Effective Form of Ho Shou Wu Extract?

As one of the top yin tonics in the Chinese herbal pharmacopoeia, fo-ti tieng balances and restores a variety of important biological systems. Ho shou wu extract is easily absorbable and fast acting since it can completely dissolve in water. This allows for effective absorption into the bloodstream where its constituents are quickly used by your body. This means that the lecithin, zinc and other yin tonic properties can begin working their magic right away!

Organic Whole Food Powder: How Does It Relate To Longevity?

Organic whole food powder made of whole foods is becoming more popular today. This product can play a very significant part of a health and wellness diet that contributes to longevity.

Homeopathic Colic Cures for Your Baby

If your baby is colicky and your household is getting very little rest and peace as a result, it may be time for you to begin looking into a few of the many homeopathic colic cures that are available. While this condition is only estimated to affect roughly 20 percent of all babies, when it strikes it can really be devastating.

Underestimating The Power Of The Nerve Supply

When scientist study embryos, they discover the brain is the first to develop. The brain sends creative power through the spinal cord and nerves to create every cell and organ in your body. The brain, spinal cod, and nerves make up the central nervous system, the main headquarters of the whole body. From that first neonatal moment when the brain sends an impulse down the tiny spinal cord, that brain power flowing down the spine and nervous system continues to control all function and healing in the body for the rest of your life. The spine is your life line. All real wellness is ultimately dependant on the spine’s and nervous system’s ability to provide maximum nerve supply.

Face Exercises for Cheeks

Exercises are one of the most important things in every individual’s life. Face exercises are just as important as body exercise. Whether you hit the gym to lose weight or tone muscles, your goal would always be for good health. Exercises not only make us healthy and young in the inside but it also makes us beautiful on the outside. As we age, fine lines appear in our face making us look old. Yes, we cannot stop aging, but the seven signs of aging is indeed manageable.

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