How Much Can You Expect to Spend on a Cannabis Growing Set Up? #shorts

What Is Maca Root?

Anthropological evidence has been found in the cultivation of maca in Peru since 1600 BC. Maca was considered by the Incas as a gift from the gods. They also cultivate maca as food…

Tinnitus Cures – Fiction or Fact

I’m writing this article for several reasons.  First of all, I want to dispel the notion that there is a book, pill, or potion that you can read, eat or swallow that is going to rid you of your tinnitus…

Start The New Year on a Healthy Note

The New Year is quickly approaching and the advertisements on creating resolutions are bombarding us as well. Instead of getting stressed over your health and the need to lose weight, let’s take it slow.

Liver Cleanse The Key to Health

The liver is the main organ to remove toxins, create bile, create urine, it helps break down fat and the list goes on and on. But this list, at a glance, tells you the major functions the liver has. When fat, processed foods, cigarette smoke, alcohol, ect are passed through the liver it becomes filtered for elimination.

Starving for Attention

Healthcare reform means an improved approach to health and well-being. It’s time to look at the whole picture and begin making choices that promise a healthier, happier life experience.

Combating Collagen Loss

One unfortunate side effect of getting older, is the fact that our tissue especially collagen tends to get soft and outlasts elasticity than when we were young. This results in droopy skin, wrinkles, stretch marks, and other visible effects commonly associated with old age. Women seem to be affected more than men.

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