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Herbal Adventures – The Artemisia Genus

The symbol of the Wise Woman tradition is a spiral. A spiral is a cycle as it moves through time. A spiral is movement around and beyond a circle, always returning to itself, but never at exactly the same place. You don’t need human language to learn about plants; when you live with the plants, they speak to you in your dreams and whisper in your womb.

Pathology and Six Stages of Disease: Samprapti

The progressive stages of each disease are laid out in great detail. The health of the system is optimized when the dosa are flowing out of the body and the dhatu are nourished. The stages enumerated below describe how this healthy process becomes imbalanced.

Wellness and Health Is Only Common Sense

Wellness and Health need to be our priority. Without our health, we are unable to think and function (sometimes at even minimum capacity). All people need to re-examine our thoughts, to see if we’re using ‘common sense’ in making health decisions for ourselves and our families. We must also remember that ‘Prevention is ALWAYS worth a pound of CURE.’ This seems to be one of those old sayings that we’ve forgotten. Well, it’s high time to dust that baby off, and put it to good use. Our planet’s survival depends on it. Wise, healthy people create a flourishing, thriving planet, and this is the way it should be. Don’t you think?

Disease Aetiology: Roga Karana

The cause of disease involves many different aspects from the imbalance of the dosa, to an imbalanced digestive fire (agni), to the accumulation of ama, to the obstruction of the channels (srotas) and the deficiency of the dhatu. Internally, the movement of disease is from the mind to the body where the attitudes of greed, fear, anger, grief, arrogance, jealousy and hatred become somatised in the tissues. Ayurveda clearly states that ‘desire’ (raga) is a feeling that generates pathological ‘heat’ in the mind which generates these other emotions. Desire creates an obsessive attachment to various objects and this locks us into a cycle of grasping and unfulfillment.

Impotency (Viryapata) in Ayurveda

Loss or deficiency of semen and penile strength and senility is impotency. Excess sex or sex at the wrong times, masturbation, exercise, unsuitable foods, eating an excess of rough, bitter, astringent, salty, sour and hot foods, old age, anxiety, grief, suspicion, fear, anger, exorcism, emaciation from disease, suppression of natural urges, and wounds can lead to the derangement of doshas and tissues.

Nervous System – What Is It, How Does It Work and What Herbs Can Do to Improve Its Function

Who has a nervous system? Every human being has one.

Healing Energy – What Are They? Can I Be A Healer?

Healing energies – what are they? Are they the soothing hand or voice of a mother comforting their child? A loyal pet that instinctively comforts its master? Is it that which is administered by a renowned Swami or Priest, or perhaps a healer at a sanctuary?

Health Habits: Watch The Long Hours

You need your energy… and you need to avoid working yourself to death. Even if your work hours are unavoidably long, you can still maintain good discipline in the five key daily health habits I call The NEWSS: Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sleep, and Supplements…

Holistic Approach to Easing Chronic Pain

If you have chronic pain — whether it’s lower back pain, neck pain, or shoulder pain – you may be aware that movement can no longer be taken for granted. Watching a movie, going on a trip that involves a long car ride, taking yoga class, working on a computer, or taking a hike with friends – all can involve doing movements that leave you sore, inflamed or tired for days.

The Numerous Benefits Of Eating Maca

It is believed to act as an aphrodisiac and so helps with sexual performance. It boosts the libido in men and women. There has been chemical research that has found that within Maca root a chemical called p-methoxybenzyl isothiocyanate exists which has aphrodisiac properties.

Summer Routine (Grisma Ritucharya) in Ayurveda

In the summer it is best to avoid all dark meats such as beef, lamb and pork as well as citrus fruits, tomato, garlic, onion, salt and sour dairy products as these all increase pitta. Please Start the day by brushing your teeth with some cooling tooth powder-a dash of neem and peppermint on your brush will help clear pitta from the mouth.

Are You Having Problems With Your Digestion?

People have been having problems with their digestion since the beginning of time. Eve for example decided to eat the apple God had told her not to eat and the problems began.

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