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Alternative Medicine and Alternative Healing

A breakthrough concept that stress or our emotions have an impact on and affects our physical bodies. Today this is common knowledge.

Does Whole Body Vibration Therapy Benefit Health?

Proponents of a new therapy claim it can help lose weight, reduce back pain and maintain bone density. Learn the facts here.

Get Rid Of Your Body Pains With Effective Fixation Imaging

At some point of time, almost each one of you might have suffered severe pain or stiffness in your shoulder, back, or any other body part. While there can be numerous reasons for the same, there are also few effective treatments, and ways to avoid them. Recently, a new technology “Fixation-Imaging” has evolved as an effective treatment for such health issues.

Symptoms Are Not Normal – Being Healthy Vs Feeling Good

Headaches are not normal. Backaches are not normal. Numbness and tingling are not normal. These and countless other symptoms, are often the result of years of neglect. Any symptom affecting your overall health deserves immediate treatment and care. But there is major difference’s between treating symptoms and correcting them. It’s vital to be aware of specific symptoms before they worsen and cause increased and/or permanent damage to your body. By understanding how to notice signs of symptoms and the best methods for treatment, you will be able to maintain a consist level of good overall health and wellness.

You Can Get Rid of a Cold Naturally With Cayenne Pepper

People suffer from colds no matter what month of the year it might be, but there is no doubt that the winter months definitely seem to be the cold and flu season. And it is not surprising when you consider the common cold is a virus that can be passed so easily from one person to another. Simply touching an object that someone has touched previously with the cold and flu virus is enough for the virus to be passed onto you too.

All Natural Aloe Vera Smoothies

Aloe Vera plants are easy to grow and packed with nutrients. You can see it in most houses as decorative plants but do you know it is edible and good for one’s health? I have tried it and would like to share my smoothies – All Natural!

How To Cleanse Your Room With Reiki

In time, your room our house may acquire some lower vibration energies. This is a technique to clean it and bring back the positive energies using Reiki.

Your Fatigue May Be a Vitamin B Deficiency

It may look like I’m doing nothing, but on a cellular level, I am really quite busy. And, I am soooooo tired. But why? Could it be a combination of stress and long hours at work? Could it be either too much or too little exercise?

Get Rid of Yeast Infections Quickly With Home Remedies

You should learn how to quickly get rid of yeast infections so that you will be able to prevent the disease from getting worse. A yeast infection is caused by a fungus called Candida albicans. This fungus is naturally present in the human body, but certain factors can cause an overgrowth of candida albicans that leads to a yeast infection. This disease will not go away on its own and will only get worse if you don’t do something about it. Try these tips to rid yourself of your disease as quickly as possible.

Getting Rid of a Male Yeast Infection – What You Need To Know

It is important for a man to know how to properly treat male yeast infection. Because the condition is more common in women, most people believe that men cannot be affected by this disease. However, men can also develop the disease or become infected with the candida (yeast) fungus through sexual intercourse or any physical contact with a woman who has the condition. Therefore, it is important for men to learn how to cure a candida infection in order to prevent the symptoms from getting any worse.

All About Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy is growing in popularity around the world, despite being one of the most misunderstood therapies available. It is freely used and studied by medical societies in Austria, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and France, including the International Ozone Association, the Medical Society for Ozone Application, the Swiss Medical Society for Ozone and Oxygen Therapies, and the International Medical Ozone Society. So what is ozone therapy, what does it do and why is it so controversial?

What to Look For in an Ozone Generator

Ozone generators are the core of ozone therapy and there are many types of machines to choose from with a lot of different names and terminology. This article is meant to boil down some of those terms and clear up the confusion.

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