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Inflammation-Essential for Our Survival

The key to healthy immune responses is to be in immune homeostasis, immune balance. We must maintain the proper balance of enough inflammation to defend ourselves from pathogens, stimulate repair and healing but not so much inflammation that we damage healthy tissue.

The Holistic Medicine Alternative

Is holistic medicine truly medicine? This article describes the concepts and philosophies behind what is often referred to as holistic medicine.

How To Sleep Better Tonight

As with so many other things related to stress, insomnia is both a symptom of, and a contributor to, increased stress levels. How do we break the cycle if we are in a stress-insomnia pattern? The first step is to speak with a medical professional about your insomnia.

A Look Is Not Just A Look

Very few people notice that when you look at a person, your eyes start at the head and go to the feet and then return back up again. Unless of course you are unattractive for any reason. Then, when the eyes hit the feet, they steal away to look at something else without moving back up to the person’s head. Obviously not liking what they see. Without recognizing it, the person’s energy field has just been stolen. That’s right, measurably stolen.

The Powerful Reishi Mushroom of East Asia

The Reishi mushroom originated in the Far East and is known to have been used in ancient China. Royalty would have used the mushroom in the hope that it would bring them eternal life and encourage calmness and thought.

Radiation From CT Scans

If your doctor says you need a CT scan, you get one and don’t ask questions right? Wrong! The first question you should ask is can we use another process or is there is another process available?

Holistic Beauty – An Overview

Beauty lies deep under your skin – that’s what we have heard our mothers say, most of you would agree that in this fast-paced world there is no scope for the ancient oatmeal scrubs and skin-firming packs made with rye bread and egg yolks. We prefer to have everything packed and delivered; from food to beauty and skin care products. Making these home-made scrubs is considered a big chore these days and nobody wants to do it.

5 Steps to Help You With Healthy Every Day Choices

Have you ever felt that living a healthier lifestyle is just too hard. You may have done different diets, exercise programs and stress relieving techniques. You end up finding it difficult to stay on track, you lose motivation so you end up giving up.

The Basics in Choosing a Holistic Health Provider

Amidst many changes in technology and lifestyle, people have become more conscious about their well-being. Many people even worry too much to become healthy to the extent that they become sick because of their pursuit of having perfect health. This is because of a wrong perception about the body.

Medicinal Herbs – Healing From A Physic Garden

In ancient times, monks and physicians grew gardens specifically full of healing herbs called Physics. A physic garden is a place where plants with medicinal properties grow.

Can What You Listen to on a Daily Basis Affect Your Health?

Yes, according to numerous studies that demonstrate there is a boost in immunity when listening to positive, uplifting music or saying positive affirmative statements to yourself and a decrease in immunity when you listen to off-putting media or cynical music. My favorite study is the one by Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist, which powerfully demonstrates the effects words, emotions and music has on water.

8 Top Ways to Get More Energy

Need to have more energy? Here are some easy tips to help you find lasting energy all day long.

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