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Fresh Fruit Helps Fight The Flu

The flu season is still in full force, and while many people turn to medications to relief there are also diet changes you can make in order to help build your immune system and fight these viruses. Fresh fruit has many health benefits, which include antioxidants and vitamins and minerals like Vitamins C and A.

Nutrition for Seizures/Epilepsy – Tools That Help Identify the Root Cause

There is a nutritional approach that may help identify and address the root cause of seizures. Doctors and neurologists are not talking about it. My son’s personal recovery only occurred when using these nutritional, science-based tools.

Strengthen Your Immune System Without Vaccination

In this article you will learn how damaging vaccines can be to your immune system and to your overall health. You will also find out what you can do to strengthen your immunity without vaccination.

How to Alleviate 21st Century Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Low Self-Esteem With Ease and Grace

A discovery has been made that is a breakthrough for sufferers of stress, anxiety, depression, insecurity and low self-esteem. A staggering amount of individuals are reaching a crisis point as more and more people are experiencing these emotions, but what is causing this increase? One might argue that it is quite simply system overload. What does that mean? It means, due to the rate of change accelerating at an exponential and uncomfortable level, across differing modalities, many individuals are finding a lack of what is currently required to survive. The ever increasing amounts of information technology are overloading their body-mind system, causing break downs and break ups in all areas of life. What is needed is something to relieve these feelings, to quieten the brain, to enhance vitality and re-energise people’s body-mind system enabling individuals to take their physical and emotional requirements into their own hands and create changes and adaptations with ease and grace. In other words, to gain what is required, without pain, for the human body-mind system to readjust and grow to cope with life in the 21st century.

Genetic Wellness Through Subtle Field Management

Human beings are a divine expression of the unfathomable. Traditionally we have been healing this beautiful form with symptom based healing like allopathy, homeopathy etc., Can we heal oursleves with minimal medicines and incisions? Can diseases like cancer etc., be cured by managing the subtle field around us? Find out more for an introduction to a revolutionary healing which comes from new age consciousness sweeping the planet. Find out more…

Growing Pains In Children Can Be Stopped

Growing pains in children can be miserable for them. As a parent, you can often feel helpless. There is no medical solution for this incapacitating ailment aside from pain killers. Although these may help your child’s immediate pain, they do nothing for their long term health and don’t address the cause.

A Pelvis Fracture Can Heal Naturally

Pelvis fractures are quite common in the elderly, but anyone can sustain a hip joint fracture from an injury. It is generally not possible to medically treat a pelvis fracture. The only solution medically speaking, is to replace the hip. Although a hip replacement seems to be the only option to some, and can restore mobility to a younger person, it is a very different matter for an elderly person.

The Benefits and Pitfalls of Knowing Your Prognosis

It shouldn’t be a surprise that after you receive a diagnosis of a chronic or life-threatening illness the recommendation is to get as much information is possible. It’s easy to research an illness in our age of technology. In addition, many of those diagnosed with a particular illness have founded organizations to support those with that diagnosis with the intention of providing information and support.

The Benefits of Super Foods and Greens!

The Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables in your diet are immeasurable in keeping your body in an Alkaline State which is your goal to make your body as healthy as day you were born. The ph. level of our bodies is critical to Good Health. Hydration and alkalinity are key to this process.

New Discovery! Prostate Cancer Treatments

After age 40 the prostate increases from around the size of a small walnut to the size of a lemon by age 50 and 60. 50% of men over the age of 50 have enlarged prostates and 80% of men over age 80 have urinary problems related to an enlarged prostate. Prostate Cancer is a growing problem as men age. We can reduce frequent urination and improve sleep cycles with the new prostate herbal formulas now available. Those along with a good mineral and vitamin program can do wonders for your quality of life if you are a man over the age of 50.

Fighting Infections Naturally

Fighting Infections can be daunting, however there are many naturally occurring Herbs that can help as an alternative to Drugs without any side affects. All it takes is a little study of Herbal products and you can be well on your way to Naturally Good Health pain and disease free.

Walking Improves the Mind and Body

Did you know that many women decide to take up walking each and every spring? For those who want to fit some physical activity, a walking routine is a great way to start. Walking is easy to do, requires no special equipment and is super effective.

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