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Natural Alternatives to Antibiotics

As the problem with medical drugs escalate and gain notoriety, people are looking for natural alternatives to antibiotics and other health care solutions. Antibiotics have enjoyed a good run for their money, and have often been heralded as a super drug. Certainly they have had an influence on the world, but has it been a positive one?

Constipation Vs A Healthy Breast

Breast Cancer has become a major concern of today’s women. That concern is brought about by the fact that most of us know or know of someone who has contracted this infamous disease. It is a major offender to women’s health but there’s a lot that can be done to reduce the risk of contracting this disease.

How To Change Your Life Around

For many people, life is a drudge. It is no longer exciting or stimulating. However, it is possible to learn how to change your life around, to bring back the spring in your step, to wake up looking forward to the day.

Keys to Long Lasting Health – How to Maintain an Excellent Health? New Tips

It is not enough to know about healthy food or exercise. It is not adequate to focus on your body and forget about other aspects. Health is about the combination of all important factors.

Is The Paleo Diet Healthy?

With new ideas springing up about the best diet for health, a common question is, is the paleo diet healthy? The proponents of it say it is, not surprisingly. And there are many good aspects about it. But a study appeared in the International Journal of Exercise Science claiming that it increases cholesterol levels.

Reverberate For A Resounding Life

It is well known that sounds can be used to heal our life. When you are down or depressed, we listen to some soul stirring music. This has the effect of providing the peace or the push for us to move on. What really is happening? Is there something that can be done in this area, to improve our lives? Read on…

5 Natural Ways To Make Bowel Movements Easier – And Transform Your Health

Are you having a hard time going to the bathroom? Find out why this can lead to bigger problems – and how to solve this naturally!

Where To Start With Sarcoidosis Natural Treatment Options

Searching for answers to Sarcoidosis symptoms and alternative treatment options? Figure out where to start with Sarcoidosis natural treatment so your body can overcome Sarcoidosis symptoms like extreme fatigue, aching, cough, anxiety, & more without the side effects of prescription medications. Learn more about natural treatment options for Sarcoidosis and start making healthy Sarcoidosis diet and healthy lifestyle changes to live a better quality of life.

How To Relieve Stomach Pain Without Drugs

One of the most common causes of stomach pain seems to be associated with digestion, so people are always looking for ways to relieve stomach pain. Obviously, the natural way is more healthy and also offers you the potential for permanent relief, not enjoyed with suppressive medication.

3 Amazing Benefits on How Laughter Can Improve Your Health

Everyone enjoys a good laugh, whether it’s from a sitcom on TV, a live comedy show, a funny movie or a friend sharing a joke. You’ll be surprised to know that there are real health benefits to laughter and that indeed laughter is one of the best natural medicines for your health.

Vitamin D3 Supplements – Beneficial Or Harmful?

There is currently a craze to take vitamin D3 supplements. Are they necessary? Are they even healthy? We managed pretty well for the duration of our evolution before they were invented, so why should we need them now?

The Healing Power of Self Love and Forgiveness

Many people have a hard time feeling love for themselves. But feeling true self-love can work miracles in your life. Self love is not about vanity or arrogance or being stuck up. That is not love-that is fear. I am talking about having a great respect and reverence for yourself. Seeing yourself as a valuable person. This is not selfish. Your energy is healthier when you love yourself and your energy affects those around you. Here are some ways not to love yourself, see if you recognize yourself in any of these and how it might affect others around you.

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