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Perfectly Balanced Health

The secret to a healthy life is finding the perfect balance. It’s the reason you can still eat your favorite foods and run just as far and as hard. Get balanced.

Homeopathy: How Are the Remedies Taken? Guide to Doses and Dosages

Homeopathy can be a life-saver but knowing how to take the remedies is crucial. If the dosages are wrong, the results will be small or none. This is an easy, simple guide on how to take homeopathic remedies.

This Indian Herb Could Be the Key to Reversing Diabetes

In today’s environment, many drug companies offer a different story – promoting a variety of different drugs in an effort to “manage” this shockingly common condition. However, ongoing research has shown that there are a number of safe, natural botanicals that can help you control your blood sugar.

Ten Ways BICOM Bioresonance Therapy Can Help You

Bioresonance therapy helps to improve your body’s metabolism and fat-burning abilities by using programs which focus on frequencies that precisely relate to Fat Metabolism and Carbohydrate Metabolism. Bioresonance helps to moderate your nicotine desires and to quit smoking this new technology cancels out the Frequencies of the body’s desire for nicotine. BICOM bioresonance therapy device can help to supercharge your body’s defense mechanisms and resistance to every day cold’s and flu by using treatment programs that build and strengthens your own resistance.

Natural Herbal Remedies for Insomnia to Help You Fall Asleep

Insomnia is a symptom due to which the patients have difficulty in maintaining sound sleep. Know the effective herbal remedies for insomnia.

A Stress Remedy That Really Works!

Many of us need a stress remedy or two because we live in a modern world where stress seems to be all around us. Financial stress, relationship stress, we have anxiety about our food, our clothes, our house or our consumer goods. To live in this world is to require some sort of stress remedy.

The Medicine of Music

Listening to music can prove to be beneficial in many respects for health. It helps our immunity system by generation of those hormones which gives boost to our immunity.

Holistic Therapy Treatments

There are many people in the world that are suffering from chronic ailments. These conditions can be difficult to remedy with medications, so those with the issues find themselves seeking more holistic therapy treatments. These types of remedies can be used for ongoing pain and fatigue.

Do You Value Busyness More Than Stillness?

I know I use to. If you asked me which I preferred, I would say “stillness,” but then I would proceed to give you reasons, excuses, and challenges outside of myself that prevented me from being still as much as I desired to.

Home Remedies: Beware When Conventional Medicine Embraces Them!

Home Remedies are being more accepted by mainstream physicians in the U.S. Is this good? Yes it is and no it is not. Using a natural remedy or herbal remedy allopathically is often no more effective than using a drug therapy. Find out how a wholistic herbalist can benefit you.

3 Lessons From the Trapeze – Lessons in Holistic Counseling

Have you ever been on a trapeze? You might say no and I don’t plan to, but we walk similar tight ropes in our relationships, jobs and families. The perils of those heights readily translate to our lives and you can learn how in this article.

Treating Female Infertility With Western Herbal Medicine

Female infertility is a world wide problem and it affects almost half of the women trying to conceive, especially after the age of 30. Depending on its cause infertility can be treated either with prescribed drugs, like Clomid, surgery, like laparoscopy or assisted fertilization methods like IVF. Some of the treatments can be very expensive and most likely not covered by the insurance policy and this is why more and more women seek help in alternative therapies like yoga, aromatherapy, hypnosis and so on.

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