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Fatty Liver Disease – Prevent And Cure It Naturally

Fatty liver disease occurs when there is an increased accumulation of fatty lipids in the liver cells. Some fat is normal, but if the overall amount exceeds 5% then you may have this problem. Common liver disease comes from drinking too much alcohol. But there are other types, other causes, including the non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

How To Get Rid of Palmar Hyperhidrosis For Silly People!

Palmar hyperhidrosis refers to excessive sweating of the hands. This is so far the most common kind hyperhidrosis condition affecting many people across the globe. People suffering from the condition often have cold and damp hands perspiring uncontrollably. When this condition occurs to you, you need to seek immediate medical assistance. The following are some of the palmar hyperhidrosis cure that can help you to stop this embarrassing condition.

Leaving the Pain of Arthritis Behind – Helped by Health Coaching and Chinese Medicine

The obstruction of Qi (Energy)-Arthritis is seen as a blockage of energy in the joints due to poor nutrition, improper eating, weather conditions, and poor or irregular exercise practices. Learn how to improve stiff and achy joints in the body using Health Coaching and Chinese Medicine together.

Benefits Of Organic Farming Over Conventional Farming

Organic crops are cultivated without the use of petroleum-based fertilizers, pesticides, sewage sludge based fertilizers and any other chemically made fertilizers. The demand for organically grown food crops have seen a great increase in demand in the last few years due to the harmful effects of the food grown with the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. In this article let us find out more about organic foods and see if all the hype surrounding organic food has any basis or is it just a fad.

Healthy Living: Nature’s Natural Energy Booster

The problem is, the more you rely on caffeine to prop up your dwindling energy levels, the more immune you become to its effect and the more you’ll need. Before you know it, that one cup of coffee three times a day becomes six double espressos and you STILL feel tired.

Folk Home Remedies For Ailments

Most people are in the habit of taking painkillers for all types of ailments and pain. But more and more people are moving away from the conventional medicines looking for alternative remedies. Folk home remedies are gaining support because they work well for many people. Some of the folk remedies have been in use since ancient times and include food items, plants, spices, and certain herbs.

A 4-Point Guide to Start a Weight Loss Low Glycemic Index Diet – Or Shouldn’t I?

Need to lose weight or not feeling up to par? Time for a change? It has taken years for us to learn how to read the basic label on foods, and now with all the hype on low glycemic, is it really necessary to know that, even if we are already tracking our daily calories, protein, sodium, carbs, and fats? Does a low glycemic index diet make a good weight loss diet? Before we can answer these questions, we need to view the information available to us.

How to Cure a Sore Throat Instantly

A sore throat is one of those nagging maladies that most of us can’t wait to get rid of as fast as possible. Thankfully, over the course of time, herbal practitioners have perfected a handful of tried-and-tested natural remedies that can bring immediate relief. A sore throat is often accompanied by flu-like symptoms such as headaches, nasal congestion, lethargy, aches and pain in the body, and fever.

Effects of Kava

In 2001, a report stating that kava causes liver damage was released to the general public by the FDA. This lead to a number of scientific studies aimed at determining whether the root was truly dangerous despite the fact the plant had been used safely for 3,000 years throughout Oceania with very few negative side effects. These clinical studies showed us that kava (when prepared using ONLY the root, and not the toxic stems and leaves) is a “safe non-addictive anti-anxiety medicine, and can be as effective as prescription anxiety agents containing benzodiazepines such as valium.” (Of course Kava is an herbal supplement and not a medicine, and we truly do not intend to equate it with any medicine whatsoever.)

Your Spirit, Your Health

Our health and well being are dependent on our spirit. Our ability to love, forgive, and be grateful cultivates peace, contentment and self acceptance.

Fever in Children

Fever in children is a necessary and healthy part of every child’s growth. Yet few people fully understand the important role of fevers and most parents are fearful of them. This is understandable because most doctors are also unaware of their importance. But fevers help to build a healthy immune system.

Tips For Maintaining A Chemical-Free Organic Garden

Many people are finding out how great it is to have an organic garden. With the advice provided here, you’ll soon be learning how to create your very own organic garden. Keep reading to learn some tricks of the trade that will help you get a great garden.

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