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Natural Remedies for Yeast Infection

Natural remedies with a natural solution to fighting yeast infections. Take a holistic approach to finally conquering the mighty candida.

Where to Turn After Hitting A Dead-End With Western Medicine

Great alternatives are available when you have hit a dead-end with western medicine. With an over-abundance of pharmaceuticals in the American household and the continued rise in chronic health conditions, many patients are seeking alternative treatment. Some of these alternatives to western medicine are chiropractic, acupuncture, homeopathy, crystals, yoga, meditation, holistic nutrition with the help of a holistic health coach, as well as switching to a natural diet supplemented with herbal remedies.

Has Constipation Brought You to Your Knees?

Do you suffer from constipation? You aren’t alone! Here are some tips to beat the constipation battle.

The Low Fat Lie

Do you remember when ‘low fat’ starting popping up on labels in the 90’s? Suddenly you could buy all your guilty pleasure snacks like Little Debbie’s and Potato Chips with reduced, low, or no fat. Many people mentally made the connection: “Fat free = good for me.” The American Heart Association touted the low fat diet as the answer to preventing heart disease and living healthy.

Tomato Cool Summer Soup – How to Prepare, Drink and Stay Cool

As you read and learn food plays an integral part in prevention of diseases and maintenance of good health. We owe it to ourselves to choose foods that are readily available and can support our health and lifestyle as shown here.

Energy Healing With Reiki

Reiki Energy healing has gained tremendous credibility in the medical and holistic health worlds in the past 10 years. Healing with your hands and with your mind has created quite the buzz. Reiki energy healers are abundant worldwide. They were unknown 40 years ago in the United States and those who participated in this healing art in the 1980s were considered lawbreakers — those who healed without a medical license — and often jailed for using it. However, after years of research much of it provided by grants by the National Institute of Health and the United States Army, Reiki practitioners are now welcomed in hospitals and cancers centers across America and throughout the world.

Is Health Coach or a Fitness App The Better Way to Health and Wellness?

Someone recently asked me, “Why would I hire a health coach when I can download a free fitness app to keep me on track?” Here’s a health coach’s perspective on how each option can help you best make healthier choices in your day.

How to Naturally Keep Cool in the Summer

Summer is the season when we want to feel good – we bring out the shorts, sandals and pretty dresses that we have been longing to wear for the past dismal year. Unfortunately, summer can bring misery to some and allergies, hay fever, insect stings and imbalances in energy and heat related illnesses become abundant.

Our Attention: The Key To Deep Satisfaction And Great Effectiveness In Life

Like most people I can tend to associate the feeling of happiness with certain situations in my life: having a decent job, living in relative comfort, having stable relationships, having my body work like I think it should, etc… This kind of happiness, however, is a surface level kind of happiness. It’s a mere precursor to the deep level of satisfaction that’s possible; a kind of satisfaction that sticks around even if the job, the comfort, the relationship or the well functioning body doesn’t. The key to achieving this deep level of satisfaction has to do with our attention and what we’re doing with it.

How to Find Natural Relief From Bloating

Bloating is a very common and uncomfortable digestive symptom. Find out what causes it and what can be done to alleviate it.

Dandelion Blessings!

The first yellow spots in the lawn and along roadsides are telling me every year that winter is finally over, and that the promise of life has come back, and Mother Earth will provide for us with an abundance of food and beauty again. Shining like little yellow stars they take over controlled lawns.

Reiki: Holistic Healing Method

The ancient Holistic Healing Technique Reiki has a great healing power. Reiki can work for leading a healthy and stress free life.

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