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How to Boost Your Memory With Natural Health Care Cures

Most people experience some memory decline starting at about age 50, and some as early as their 30’s. Although aging is inevitable, losing your mental acuity is not. The brain is amazingly resilient, capable of making new connections, learning new skills and compensating for aging-a concept known as neuroplasticity.

Cost of Chiropractic Care Vs Medical Care

The rising medical costs has led to an increased appreciation for chiropractic in the health care field in the past few years because of its low cost in providing more efficient results than other traditional medical procedures. Comparing chiropractic care and medical care While comparing chiropractic and traditional medical care, you find that the major difference between the two lies not only in its price, but also in its treatment method and results. Obviously, treatment is much cheaper for chiropractic care as there is no use of any medical equipment…

The Many Benefits of Epsom Salt

Several studies have shown that both magnesium and sulfate can be easily absorbed by the skin, making epsom salt baths an ideal way to soak up these amazing health benefits. Curious on what these health benefits are? Without further ado, let me share to you some of the many benefits of epsom salt. Here are some of them.

Natural Health Products for Freelancers

  In this world full of everything ‘instant,’ living a normal life looks like it’s a difficult thing to do for many people. When everyone is busy with work, family and everything in between, we sometimes forget that we all are human. We’ve got limitations and we all must take proper care of ourselves.

How To Grow Taller Naturally – Stop The Agony Of Being Short Now!

There are many tips out there to help you grow taller naturally. There are tips on which pills to swallow, what to eat, how to dress, and how to sleep. With all of the information out there the question might be “which is the best one to start with?”

3 Best Alkaline Vegetables For Green Smoothies

If you’re following the alkaline diet, it’s highly likely you’ve already discovered the beauty of green smoothies. They are a great way to add loads of healthy foods into your diet, and to make it quick and easy. Here are some tips on which alkaline vegetables to add and how you can make your green smoothies taste better!

Boost Your Energy With These 7 Simple Fixes

With a coffee shop on nearly every corner and the popularity of “energy” drinks, it is obvious many people are having a severe personal energy crisis. The following 7 fixes are simple in form but huge in effect AND are easy to do.

Chiropractic Care In Using Various Therapeutic Stretches

There are various types of therapeutic stretches that chiropractors make use of. These may include knee-chest stretch, neck resistance, leg raise stretch, and prone stretch.

Can Homeopathy Help Cure Hay Fever?

As we plan ahead towards summer, the hope of warmer weather with sunny days is a welcome prospect for many of us. For others it’s the start of itchy noses, streaming eyes and continuous sneezing. Some sufferers will buy over the counter products to ease their suffering, whilst others will see their general practitioners.

Ozone Therapy Misconceptions

Fortunate as I have been after being in the Medical Ozone field for the last 17 years and having myself thrust into building three hospitals that serviced patients in ozone therapy, I still am finding new modalities and uses for this gas that we call Medical Ozone. It is very complex in nature and as well in science and it sometimes baffles me when I read stories and postings on the internet. Stories of unbelievable cures (not my words, don’t like that word) that seem to be real.

What Is Energy Healing and Can I Benefit?

There are many names that energy healing goes by: energy medicine, natural cures, alternative medicine, holistic medicine, and some people even like to call it (for lack of a better term) voodoo. There are many modalities and although each is unique, each is also similar – energy healing is about the body healing itself.

What Can You Get From Onions?

Not everyone is a fan of the wonderful onion, and few realize its health benefits. This article discusses the benefits of biting into a succulent, raw onion.

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