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How to Keep Female Hormones in Check

We all have issues, but women have some specific areas that they need help. For example, hormones – anything from post-partum depression to menopause. We as women need help to keep all these hormones in balance on a regular basis. We don’t have to live with crazy hot flashes, mood swings, and the never ending battle of the PMS cycle. Modern medicine is falling short and our health is what is suffering. Every time we take a medication, we are causing our bodies to deteriorate more and more. But there is another solution. We are now seeing some great things that are coming out of natural remedies. I will show you a things I have learned about the world of “all natural.”

Cryotherapy Benefits and the Big Elephant in the Room!

The leading cyrotherapy benefits and the dangers to this alternative medicine! Are the dangers real and what is the cost?

3 Simple Home Remedies That Can Cure Cracked Feet Within a Short Time

Cracked feet is also known as heel fissures. In most cases, it just makes the feet unattractive. However, these cracks can become deep.

Reishi Mushroom Benefits – Top 3 Rewards

In this article I want to share some of the major reishi mushroom benefits. I’m going to share 3 huge problems that are facing people and how this mushroom can help. Lastly I’m going to share some ideas on how to get it.

Why Naturopathy Is the Way to Go!

All forms of medicine have different ways of treating illness. While modern medicine has tablets, syrups and ingestible, there are other alternative methods too. Here is a look at Naturopathy, which is an alternate method of healing, where the healing power of nature is used to cure illnesses.

Turmeric for Even Better Health

A great natural healer known about for years in the Far East, turmeric is makings it’s way into America in a big way. Already involved in numerous studies turmeric had proven to be an anti inflammatory as well as a joint pain reliever. Studies have shown it to benefit those with heart disease, cancer, and type II diabetes. Now getting turmeric in your diet couldn’t be easier…

Healing: The Shaman’s Way

Energy healing is much in vogue today; yet, its origins are at least 40,000 years old. Healing hands and healing sounds are now incorporated in many supportive modalities.

Benefits From The Treatments A Pain Management Doctor May Prescribe

When all other efforts to ease or eliminate pain have not worked,it can be easy to give up and decide you just have to live with the pain. However, by seeing a pain management doctor can provide many benefits and be well worth the time.

You Cannot Detox Your Body – It’s a Myth

Let me be brutally honest… it’s tough not to be sucked in by the detox industry. Every day I get bombarded by health emails and among the pile are the usual Detox claims.

Elimination Of Chemicals And Toxins Is A Positive Start To Better Health

Elimination is only possible if we know what it is and know where it’s coming from. To avoid all chemicals and toxins, whether it’s in our food or personal care products is impossible. Strong scientific evidence exists that exposure to these chemicals contributes to most illnesses. It is important to know how to avoid at least some of these chemicals to protect your health.Eliminating some of the most threatening toxins from your body is a must and it’s not that hard to do.

Drug Companies Are Making Us Sick?

Pharmaceutical drug companies are under intense pressure to earn money for their stockholders. These companies stay viable when they are able to produce drugs that target relieving ailment symptoms rather than finding cures. Recurring prescription purchases to relieve symptoms is big business and maybe in this process of revolving door medicine the patient suffers.

Using A “Special K” Drug As Pain Management For Humans

When it comes ot pain management for humans, the new treatment of using ia medication used on animals for years just may be the answer to Morphine. It works just as well in most cases and isn’t addictive, creating a win-win for both patients and the medical profession.

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