Myths & Truths About Cannabis for Your Health

Grounding For Health and Well-Being

Ever feel really good after walking barefoot in the park or along the beach, or after lying in the grass? Have you noticed how a dip in the ocean or sitting beneath a tree can rejuvenate your body and mind, and transform that feeling of being “burned out” or “wired” into one of calm and balance? The common factor between all of these activities is an exchange of electrical charges with the Earth, called grounding or “earthing” by the alternative health community, and it can be a powerful agent for healing.

Herbalism Is The New Age Revolution

This method has gained popularity in many parts of the world over the past few centuries. People prefer to use herbal products because of health consciousness.

Native American Healing Practices

This science of healing merges spirituality, religion, herbal medicine, and rituals to offer treatment for medical and emotional problems. The native healers have claimed that they have cured conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, thyroid ailments, skin rashes, asthma, and cancer.

3 Ways to Avoid Burnout

We live the life like the pink Energizer Bunny that beats his drum non-stop. As the battery commercial says, “He keeps going and going and… “

How To Stay Healthy and Happy, Naturally!

All healthy people are not happy. Neither all wealthy persons are healthy. Without health and happiness, life is nothing but in vain. There are many ways to get your health, but the ideal one is the natural method.

4 Things Which Tell You You’re Healthy

A personal training client of mine recently got on the scales and was disappointed by what she saw. She was feeling positive and thought everything was going well until she got on the scales and had not lost a single pound. Of course she then went from feeling positive, to the complete opposite, disappointed, gutted and a bit angry that she hadn’t been “rewarded” for her last week or so’s efforts.

Nutritional Illness Prevention

MERS, flu, anthrax, ebola… These are the headlines. You may think that what you eat has nothing to do with whether or not you get the flu this year. Or you may start to realize we are what we eat.

Grounding-Your Connection to the Earth

Did you know that skin contact with the earth’s surface gives you a surge of healing energy through electron transfer? Yep, it’s true. It’s called “grounding”. And the latest scientific research shows how a barefoot walk in the yard, on the beach, in the garden is a KEY mechanism for healing your body from inflammation. We are all exposed to a lot of free radical stress in our modern lives. You name it: mercury pollution, insecticides, pesticides, cigarettes, trans fats, radiation among the most harmful. All of these stressors deplete our slightly negatively charged bodies, allowing inflammation a home. 10 to 15 minutes of daily grounding helps to reduce inflammation’s harmful effects by thinning your blood, which fights inflammation. Grounding daily also allows a flow of negative ions through the skin (usually the soles of your feet) to replace your natural slightly negatively charged status. It makes perfect sense! Think about it–didn’t we walk for millennium with our bare feet on the earth?

Fixing Your Mid-Afternoon Energy Deficit

There are ways to combat low energy levels throughout the day without resorting to simple carbohydrates, sugars and salty food products. Concentrated vegetables and whole foods are healthier even if some planning ahead is necessary. The result of eating real food will show in increased energy and smaller waistlines.

Tips For Growing Ginseng

Ginseng is native to North America and Asia. For centuries, it has been harvested for its medicinal benefits.Ginseng root has many health benefits. Among them are improving blood sugar in those with type 2 diabetes, weight control, boost energy, increase stamina, reduce stress, and aid in menstrual problems

Energy Psychology Support for Autoimmune Disorders

I’ve said before that each autoimmune case is different… just like each body is unique. When I treat a person suffering from autoimmune issues I follow the following protocol, and knowing this, you may be able to better help yourself as you look for a good practitioner or apply energy therapy support in your own life.

Microbes, Immune Balance/Immune Homeostasis, Antibiotics, and Probiotics

There is significant cross-talk between our microbial populations and our immune system. Each component keeps the other in balance.

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