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Swarovski Crystal Sprinkles Some Stardust Into Your Daily Life

It’s so easy for our lives to get a bit mundane and monotonous given our daily routines. It’s all about the work, family and responsibilities most of the time. That’s why you need to give yourself that extra special something.

Feverfew for Fever, Maybe Less for Migraines

There is, in fact, good reason for calling this herb “feverfew.” It does reduce fever and inflammation, so it can have beneficial effects in some illnesses or in arthritis. But its use for migraines is problematic.

Why Drink Aloe?

Why drink Aloe Vera, when it certainly doesn’t taste like Champagne – or Chardonnay? Believe it or not, I started drinking it because my dog did!

Improving Eyesight Naturally – The Bates Method

The Bates Method is probably the best known method for improving eyesight naturally, without the use of glasses. Dr Bates believed that most common eye conditions are caused by mental stress and strain to the eyes, bad visual habits developed in childhood and glasses. He actually believed that glasses are responsible for deteriorating eyesight, because they make the eye lazy and prevent it from healing itself. Abstaining from the use of glasses and restoring the natural habits of seeing will result in improving our eyesight naturally.

Asthma Herbal Cures That You Need To Know

Herbal cures have been gaining popularity in the recent past. Many people are beginning to believe in the plants as sources of medicines that can cure even the most complex of diseases. The sudden trust in herbs has been brought about by the science world approving them as medicines that can actually be relied on. They have been declared fit for consumption and have been seen to sometimes work even better than the synthetic medicines.

How Holistic Medicine Differs From Traditional Medicine?

Holistic and traditional medicine both are intended to provide optimal health care while keeping your body functioning at its highest level. However, both have different approaches to treat the disease. Traditional medicine utilizes modern health sciences, latest scientific researches and different surgical options to treat various health concerns. While, holistic medicine prevents, improves and treats a variety of health conditions with various effective alternative treatment options. In this article, I will describe how both treatments differ from each other.

Rehabilitation – The Only Way to Recover From Addiction

Addiction is something hard to recover from but is not impossible. Recovery from addiction is possible through rehabilitation.

Every Teen Girl Wants To Be Healthy and Hygienic

Health and fitness is very important in one’s life. It is very important to eat healthy food so as to look slim, smart and hygienic. Teenage is the best time to include healthy habits in your life.

Herbal Cures For Anxiety

The arguments about synthetic cures being better than herbal cures have been there for a very long time now. Some people do not believe in herbs while others believe that herbs are the best medicine to use. Scientist researches have proved that herbs work as well as the synthetic medicines and that they actually are very friendly to the body. This has boosted confidence in the people and thus they can rely on the herbs to have almost all their diseases cured.

The Interplay of Thought and DNA

DNA is both physical and non physical. In fact much more of our DNA is non physical than physical in nature. The part of DNA that we physically see as biological matter which is protein encoded and hereditary is dwarfed by the amount of non physical energy going into that DNA which is informational in nature. It is the meeting place of spirit and physical.

Best Herbs for Stress Reduction

If external stress reducers have failed, try some internal remedies. Herbs are more than just flavor enhancers; they can cause real and positive reactions in the body if taken properly. The following five herbs are known for their stress reduction properties.

Treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), also known as winter depression or the winter blues, is a mood disorder that affects some 4% to 6% of people in the United States when days are shorter, resulting in decreased Vitamin D synthesis from reduced exposure to sunlight. Connections between human mood, energy levels, and the seasons are well documented, especially in women. Treatments include:Light Therapy, High doses of Vitamin D, Exercises, Antidepressants, Psychotherapy, Craniosacral Therapy and Lymph Drainage Therapy.

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