Should you choose Delta 8 or Delta 10 THC?

Create Good Fortune in 2012, the Year of the Dragon

The Year of the Dragon 2012 is a year when we may be able to achieve what seemed impossible before. An auspicious year in the Chinese horoscope, abundant energy and financial returns are possible. Learn about key points so that you can make your own good fortune.

Can Vinegar Cure Cancer?

Otto Warburg, a Nobel laureate claimed decades ago that cancer cannot exist in a well oxygenated environment. Cancer cells operate in order to survive by anaerobic metabolism (without oxygen) and this means that cancer cells live on subsistent levels of energy (ATP) production. In fact cancer cells are typically surrounded by a pool of lactic acid (the by-product of anaerobic metabolism), which on its own can reduce oxygen levels to a mere 5% of the environment of normal tissues. This acid pool acts as a barrier to oxygen being carried to cancer cells, and the rate of removal of the acids must exceed the rate at which they are being generated or else the condition is not curable.

Breathing Right for Holistic Health and Living

Holistic breathing is an important component in the art of living well because compromised breathing adversely affects the body, mind, and soul. Breathing right is natural breathing through the nose, and not the mouth, using the muscles of the diaphragm, and not those of the chest. Correct breathing contributes to awareness of self and others, which is mindfulness, the essence of human compassion. Breath is life.

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