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Cure Excessive Sweat

There are many different ways to cure excessive sweat. Although sweating is most commonly found in the hands, it can also affect the feet, armpits and face as well. Find out how to cure excessive sweat secrets revealed here…

Feng Shui and Insomnia: How Feng Shui Can Help You Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Insomnia and sleeplessness are increasing problems in modern Western societies. Research suggests that we are all sleep deprived due to work commitments and playing hard in what spare time we have. Feng Shui can help you sleep well and recover from all the demands on your time and energy.

How to Flush Your System With Salt Water

A simple way to clean your whole body is a salt flush. It washes your entire digestive system. It can be done at home. You can do it as often as needed.

Hemorrhoid Miracle Review – Just The Facts

This is a Hemorrhoid Miracle review on Holly Hayden’s downloadable book called Hemorrhoid Miracle. You may have seen this e-book on various websites such as, Yahoo!, MSN, and AOL.

5 Diseases Associated With the Respiratory System

The respiratory is very important for us. It is therefore necessary to intervene once we get a cold or a sore throat. There are many simple methods that can be used to heal the minor diseases.

Alternative Treatments and Natural Home Remedies Can Work!

My family has a history of Hiatus Hernia and all members have had their symptoms cured by a daily dose of a teaspoon of olive oil before breakfast and dinner. I need no further proof that some natural home remedies can work. There are plenty of other natural cures of serious illnesses being publicised every day that can back up that statement.

5 Ingredients That Fight Cold and Flu

Chicken soup is great, but there are more ingredients that can help get rid of flu and cold symptoms. And as a bonus, the same herbs that treat cold and flu can help prevent it. We’ve all heard the cure: when feeling cold or flu symptoms, rest and drink plenty of fluids. But what are the best fluids? How about power-packing those fluids with ingredients that have been proven to fight cold and flu symptoms! Here they are:

Chiropractic Treatment – Highly Beneficial for Pregnant Women

As the baby develops in the womb, the expectant mother goes through a series of physical and hormonal changes. Factors such as constantly growing weight, breast enlargement and pressure on hips have profound effect on the posture of a pregnant woman. Not to mention, the extra stress on spine during pregnancy can result in low back pain. Chiropractic treatment can make all these changes less traumatic and easier for a pregnant woman as well as for her baby.

Traditional Medicine – Approach And Practice

The traditional medicine has lasted owing to the fact that it is born out of the countless experiences of whole generations, from century to century, from millennium to millennium; it is born out of traditions; it is actual and it comes from the beginning; it is as modern now in its efficiency as it was back then. As present generation, it is our duty to keep intact this treasury called traditional medicine and – if we are not able to improve and enrich it – it is our duty to pass it in the same condition to the next generations…

Chiropractic Care After an Auto Accident – A Wise Decision

Most are still in the dark about the importance of having a chiropractic consultation and exam after an automobile accident. Usually attention is only given to the obvious injuries. Commonly, one may wonder about the need of visiting a chiropractor when they are already admitted in a hospital with so many doctors around. There are different types of doctors with different approaches and philosophies.

Fibromyalgia Is NOT a Mental Disorder!

We’ve all heard about it, you know people with it– that insidious syndrome of widespread muscle pain, persistent fatigue, sleep disturbances and depression. Most people who have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia experience a feeling of helplessness as to what to do about it. No one else seems to understand how they feel, know what to do for them, or worse yet– say it is all in their head!

Silver Needle White Tea

Silver needle white tea is also known as a white tea which has more nutrients than black teas and green teas. This is a delicate and sweet tea with a fresh fragrance. First timers will appreciate the smooth, sweet taste that lingers in the mouth and the fact it is easier to the stomach than green tea.

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