So what about Hemp and CBD in China?

Caroline Myss – An Education in Healing

Caroline Myss has dedicated her life to expanding not only her own knowledge of healing, but informing and empowering others as well. An New York Times Bestselling author, founder of her own educational institute and co-founder of a publishing company, Caroline Myss focuses on her deep interest in alternative methods of healing and sharing that knowledge and wisdom with others.

Dr Alex Loyd – When Healing Is Personal

It is said that “necessity is the mother of intention,” and for Dr. Alex Loyd, necessity was the cure for his beloved wife, Tracy’s debilitating clinical depression. The search for her cure consumed him, until in the spring of 2001, incredible answers began to appear. Dr. Loyd began to understand a simple physical mechanism within the body to eliminate stress and promote natural healing.

Are You Stressed Out At Your Desk?

When you can’t see the computer screen because your eyes are full of tears of stress then you need to wipe them away and read this article. You don’t need to suffer any longer as this article will give you options on what you can do to reduce stress.

Sick While on the Road? Know What to Do

You never really know what is going to happen while you are traveling. Your car may break down, flight may be delayed, or worse, you may get sick.

AyurCold – The Ayurvedic Answer to the Common Cold and Flu

AyurCold is the perfect Ayurvedic answer to all problems related to the common cold and flu. Based on Natural, herbal, remedies, it is non-toxic and…

Cardiofy – The Natural, Ayurvedic Formula for a Healthy Cardiovascular System

The heart is a very vital part of the body. Problems related to the heart have always been the major cause of the leading number of deaths among men and women. It’s never too late to take charge of one’s heart. Ayurveda, in this field has provided its remedies in the form of Cardiofy. So what is Cardiofy?

EFT and Subliminal Messages: How They Both Heal You Physically

There is an extensive list of therapies that are being use to help individuals deal with emotional and mental disorders. These include cognitive behavior therapy and exposure therapy. Then there’s EFT.

Radiaincio – The Natural Ayurvedic Approach to Beauty

As we age, our skin condition deteriorates and we begin to gradually lose the natural shine and glow that we enjoyed in youth. To this purpose, a unique mixture of Ayurvedic herbs has created a wonder supplement called Radiancio. It has the most potent 11 Ayurvedic…

AyurGold – 9 Ayurvedic Benefits to a Healthy Blood Circulation

AyurGold contains 15 most potent blood rejuvenating herbal concentrates available in Ayurvedic medicine. It basically functions by improving the glucose mechanism of the metabolic system by stimulating the endocrine…

Clint Ober – A Down-To-Earth Guy

If you think an ordinary person can’t make an extraordinary discovery, Clint Ober just might change your mind. His wisdom and knowledge stems from his own upbringing and life experiences. His discoveries in the simplicity of healing that that earth has to offer have improved the lives and health of many.

Sound Therapy and the Five Elements: Ether

In the next few posts I will talk about the qualities of the elements, how to identify if someone is in or out of balance with that element and recommended protocols with tuning forks. In this article I’ll talk about the Solar Harmonic tuning forks.

Silence and Sound Therapy

When setting up a room for sound healing, there are 4 aspects I consider; massage table, light, acoustics and noise. Noise is the most important. Whether you use crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, gongs or any other tools, the experience will be dampened if you do not respect the environment you are trying to create.

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