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If You Want To Avoid Parasites, Work on Boosting Your Immune System

A strong immune system is a key prerequisite for avoiding parasites. Find out some easy ways to give your immune system a much-needed boost.

The Spiritual and Emotional Dimension of Human Parasites

Parasites a huge health problem for many adults, even in the Western World. Every health issue has a spiritual and emotional aspect to it. Find out why parasites could be a message that you need to re-examine your relationships, beliefs and a few other areas in your life.

Practical Tips for Dealing With Parasites The Holistic Way

Believe it or not, parasites are actually one of the leading causes of death – just most people, including many Western doctors, don’t know what they’re really dealing with. Find out some easy ways to minimize your chances of being attacked by parasites, and how to get rid of them if they do show up uninvited.

Why Quantum Physics and Kabbalah Is Saying The Same Thing, When It Comes to Your Healthcare

Quantum physics says that matter is just slowed down light – and kabbala agrees. But what does that mean for you and your healthcare? This article lays it on the line.

Top 7 Things to Stop Tolerating

What does clutter, inadequate tools for the job, a too-chatty co-worker and a troublesome relationship have in common? They’re all tolerations, those little or big things we put up with that sap our energy and drain our life force. In order to create a personal life that is balanced and fulfilling, it is necessary to evaluate and eliminate the tolerations standing in our way.

Seeing Past the Body: Why Einstein’s E=Mc2 Has Huge Implications For Your Health and Happiness

When Isaac Newton got smacked in the head by a falling apple, he came up with the theory of ‘Newtonian Physics’, that states people are just things. When Einstein came up with the formula e=mc2, he changed the whole landscape, and basically told us that matter is just slowed-down energy, or light. This has huge implications for you, and your healthcare.

Why Staying Healthy Depends on Much More Than Just Watching What You Eat

In the natural health world, a lot of emphasis is put on watching what you eat, and keeping your environmental toxins to a minimum. But even healthy eaters still get sick and develop some horrible diseases. So what else might be affecting your health?

My Struggles With Becoming Healthy: How Healthy Became My New Sexy

Here is My Journey… My life was not always green smoothies, organic fruits & vegetables and vegan recipes. In fact, I seldom even cooked a meal but if I did it was from a box or package that I could just pop into the microwave. Want to know another secret? I didn’t even know how to shop for food! For years I struggled with becoming healthy and now I want to share the secrets to how I found complete health and wellness!

Map Of The Healing Journey: The First Step

There are certain characteristic twists and turn, ups and downs, certain themes as people progress along the path to healing that tend to be common to everyone’s experience. So that’s really important. It means that there’s a phenomenon within the healing journey that deserves a closer look.

Four Ways to Boost Your Immune System, Fast

A strong immune system is a key part of continued health and wellness. Here, you’ll find four fast, easy and effective ways to boost your immune system.

Why Boosting Your Immune System Is The Best Way to Stay Healthy, Long-Term

The more medications you take, the healthier you’ll be, right? Not necessarily. The best guarantee of good health is actually to keep your immune system strong, and to keep medications to a bare minimum.

To Vaccinate Or Not To Vaccinate: When Do The Benefits Outweigh The Risks?

Is vaccination always the health ‘no brainer’ it’s made out to be? What are the risks involved with vaccinations, and when do the health benefits outweigh them?

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