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Doctors & Researchers Should Stress Prostate Cancer Prevention More Frequently

Prevention is the key to reducing prostate cancer, but only a small percent of the resources devoted to cancer are used to encourage prevention. For example, many sources give information on cancer screening and treatment, but scant information is available on how to avoid getting sick.

Doctors of Chiropractic Treat Cervical Spine Conditions and Associated Temporomandibular Disorders

This article will discuss the jaw joint, disorders of the jaw joint and how they are related to the spinal bones of the neck. It will also introduce a research paper that studied the relationship between problems with the jaw and associated neck pain.

Organic Cotton T Shirts

When it comes to every man’s wardrobe essentials, the simple fact is that there is almost no item more simultaneously useful, vital and reliable than a perfectly comfortable, perfectly fitting, all-cotton and no-nonsense, short-sleeve T-shirt. And of course we’re talking about that Tee that always breathes easy, always looks cool and always feels fantastic riding next to your skin.

I Think This Is Helping Me Breathe Better

Many might wonder how chiropractic care can help patients to have improved breathing. Actually, there is a scientific basis as well as a common-sense reason why a person might breathe easier. This article will describe how chiropractic care can improve one’s ability to breathe and the implications this has on improving lifestyle and even longevity.

Intermittent Fasting, ADF or 5:2 Fasting Is Effective?

Though we cannot deny the fact that the primary reason behind fasting in any form is weight loss or fat burning, we must consider the overall health benefits of intermittent fasting, 5:2 fasting or any other type of fasting. What happens when you fast? Is alternate day fasting of ADF better than 5:2 fasting? Read on for detailed information.

The Psychology of Laughter

On the perspectives of laughter, why humans laugh and how laughter creates healthy optimism. Laughter is an essential aspect of human life. A psychological theory of laughter will consider the biology or brain activity involved in laughter and the associated emotions or expressions that accompany laughter.

Awe Inspiring Reports of Reiki Healing Severe Nerve Damage

As part of the Medical Reiki Master Community, I’m repeatedly amazed by the healing power of Reiki. This group continuously shares amazing outcomes of the healing capabilities of Reiki in multitudes of medical cases. There are even cases that are oftentimes documented medical issues where the patient is not given a lot of hope from their doctor for a complete recovery. I’ve been given permission by a fellow Certified Medical Reiki Master, Jody Wolfe, to share her own success story along with the success story of her client, which is very near and dear to her heart.

Start Healthy Cooking This Summer – 4 Good Reasons Why

Do you refrain from cooking in the summer because your whole kitchen gets hot? And then your entire house… That’s no longer the case when cooking in this unique, very healthy method. Find out why summer is a great time to start cooking healthy in pure clay pots and pans.

Nutritional Supplements: Do You Know What You’re Doing?

More than half of all Americans take dietary supplements. Most of us take a multivitamin to fill in the nutritional gap to ensure we’re getting all the necessary vitamins and nutrients. But is that enough? Too much? Make sure you know what you’re doing so you can make an informed choice.

What Can Be Done For A Sinus Infection?

Many moons ago back in the eighties, shortly after I had qualified as an Osteopath and Naturopath I worked at a health hydro. Inevitably, having to treat anything up to 20-30 in-patients on a daily basis meant that at some point, one would catch a bug of some description. In my case, it went from being a cold to an acute sinus infection.

A New Perspective on Medicine

Society increasingly resorts to pharmaceuticals as a means of alleviating pain, treating infection and illness, yet many of these synthetic drugs have long lists of side-effects. What the world doesn’t know is the potency of natural remedies. Thus, medical coverage is not universal, and this precipitates the need for holistic treatments.

Learn How to FLY For Busy Professional Women

Busy professional women are so used to putting everything and everyone else before themselves. As a result, their health suffers. When you continually put other people and things before yourself, you diminish your capacity to give, feel, and flourish. Here are 10 ways you can put yourself further up on your to-do list without feeling guilty. From taking yourself out on a date, to eating in peace, this article will help you nourish yourself emotionally and physically.

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