What does CBD stand for?

Five Qualities To Look For In A Good Hypnotherapist

There are five main qualities to look for when choosing a hypnotherapist. They should have a good understanding of hypnosis, they should not use scripts during therapy, they should not try to sell you a set number of sessions, they should have a good imagination and they should talk about your predicament in a way that resonates with you.

What You Learn As a Chios Energy Healing Student

Chios Energy Healing is a powerful energy healing modality that offers both the healer and the recipient of the energy many remarkable benefits. Chios treatments can clear energy impurities, repair leaks and tears in the aura, correct energy depletion and disturbances in energy flow, clear blocked chakras, and balance and charge the chakra system.

Children With Genital Herpes – Help Is in Reach!

In the last few months, I’ve received several calls from parents whose very young children are suffering with nasty, extremely painful cases of genital herpes. Now, we are talking about a nightmare scenario, a pre-potty trained toddler in diapers with an angry, weeping, sore bottom. I know when I mention it to other parents I usually get a perplexed look.

Baby Colic: When to Treat at Home and When to Get Help?

For new parents or those on baby 2, 3 or more, the experience is always new and exciting. Each baby is different and of course for new parents, the whole experience is colored by the sheer joy and exhilaration of it all. With all the joy and fun, there are also moments of not knowing what to do, feeling overwhelmed, exhaustion and sometimes sheer terror. Baby colic is often the cause of sleepless nights, helplessness and just being at a loss.

Facts on Food Allergy and Food Intolerance

Food allergy is common for people with low immune system. Although nobody can tell, even medical experts, on what is the real cause of having food allergies. But one thing is for sure, that it is because your immune system sees it as a health problem.

Homepathic Treatment and Medical Hysteria

The main reason people visit a natural health practitioner is because, relying solely on conventional medicine has not provided a solution to their health issue, in some cases the problem has not improved at all, forcing them to seek an alternative. Almost always when the medical fraternity rail against any alternative/complimentary form of treatment, they make some alarmingly ill-informed assertions.

Bach Flower

Bach flower remedies were first invented by an English bacteriologist known as Dr. Edward Bach sometime back in the 1930’s. During this period of time, the renowned Doctor discovered that these dilutions of flower material and more so, the dew found on the petals also carry the healing abilities of that particular plant.

Fighting Illness and Disease, Healthy Living and Our Immune System Warriors, the Truth About Germs

A holistic view of our body’s immune system and basic information about the action of white blood cells and how they fight germs. Our Immune System’s Hit Men, We Are Stronger Than We Think! Hit men? Yes that is their job. Our blood is full of them, 50 Billion strong. That is 50 with 9 0’s I think, prowling the healthy adult human.

Clearing Crystals for Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is a healing technique whereby crystals are placed all around or on the body of the receiver. A crystal that is cleared, emits positive and bright emotions whereas a blocked crystal will feel cold and tingly. However, a blocked crystal or one that needs to be cleared may at times feel hot, drained or heavy.

How to Be Happy: Feed Your Body and Mind

To be happy is something we all desire. Many people wonder how they can be happy all the time, and why happiness is so fleeting. Although there are many factors that play a part in becoming a happier person, feeding your mind and body the proper materials is an essential part of enhancing your mood and energy levels. Learn why it is so crucial to eat healthy foods and maintain your health.

Reiki Healing and Its Benefits

Reiki is an all natural healing technique that originated in Japan. This healing method has been used in Japan ever since it was discovered, by a Buddhist doctor known as Mikao Usui in 1922. Reiki healing, which is sometimes referred to as oriental medicine; is part and parcel of the Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) in the US.

Hidden Secrets Behind Crystal Therapy

Crystal therapy is regarded as one of the most popular natural healing methods available today. It is also known as “Gemstone therapy.” This form of treatment is most useful in bringing changes in the body’s energy levels. How does this treatment work and how can it deliver better health?

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