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Can You Hear Me Now? 6 Ways to Listen to Clients

Whether you attune to your Ideal Clients’ needs live or virtually, one-to-one or group, there are 6 simple guidelines for market research to help you listen in the right way for the right things. Learn them here!

How to Create a Personalized Self-Care Plan

Taking care of yourself means paying attention to your physical, mental and emotional needs. It means eating nutritious foods, getting exercise and sleep, and carving out time for pleasure and for being with people you care about. It also means learning ways to cope with feelings of stress so that you’re able to handle whatever challenges come your way with resilience and flexibility.

The Spiritual Response to Overcoming Personality Disorders

Talk Therapy has nothing much to say about personality disorders, and no real solutions to offer. But once you get God involved in the equation, it can open up a whole different way of dealing with the issues involved.

Nine Ways to Tackle Narcissism Using Energy Medicine and Other Holistic Techniques

While ‘Talk Therapy’ techniques usually don’t even make a dint in personality disorders like Narcissism, energy medicine could really start to get things moving. Practical tips on what you can do, holistically, to tackle personality disorders at the energetic level.

Why Talk Therapy Doesn’t Work With Narcissism

Traditional ‘Talk Therapy’ approaches usually don’t work to get to the core root of personality disorders like narcissism. But a more holistic, energy-focused approach could be the key to starting to turn the problem of personality disorders around.

The Pros and Cons of Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass has many, many pros and very few cons. It is a potent superfood with a hefty list of benefits and very few to absolutely no negative side effects. Not only can it be taken for your general well-being, but it can also be used to treat an array of ailments as well.

The Top 10 Nutrition Myths Busted

Time and time again people will get bad information that will lead them to believe the wrong thing. Nutrition, for instance, is a billion dollar industry and perhaps we cannot help it if certain individuals will disseminate false information to lead health buffs into buying things that claim to reduce weight or improve health.

The Mind, Body and Soul Approach to What’s Causing the Personality Disorder Epidemic

Personality Disorders like narcissism are not just a ‘mental’ problem, as most people believe. They’re actually caused by a number of mind, body and soul issues. To find out what’s really causing the personality disorder epidemic, read on…

How Seniors Can Benefit From Sound Therapy

As sound therapy – a non-invasive procedure that supports self-healing from within, is gaining popularity all over the world, more and more seniors are exploring it to live a healthy life during their golden years. Read more about how seniors can benefit from it.

Why Tracing Your Meridians Can Keep You Healthy

Did you know that your body is one huge bioelectric network? Tracing your energy meridians can help keep all your body’s ‘connections’ in tip-top shape, helping you to feel happier and stay healthy.

How to Cut Your Cancer Risk by 50%

Within this article I summarise the various ways one can contract cancer. It’s not rocket science to eat a healthy, balanced diet and free yourself of all chemicals, additives, colourings, sugars, MSG, etc. in our food, water, and environment. It just takes awareness, belief, discipline and persistence and you CAN regain your health and live a long, healthy and vibrant life.

Electromagnetic Fields

ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS – The Reason to Drink Structured Water: Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are created by electricity and extend indefinitely throughout space. It is used in our electronic devices which includes cellphone towers, microwave towers, power lines, WiFi devices, smart metres, etc. Environmental exposure to man-made electromagnetic fields has been steadily increasing, as has the demand for electricity and advancing technologies. Exposure to these unseen electromagnetic fields is no new phenomenon deleteriously affecting our well-being.

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